Custom Seating

C design and Lorin Kinsel Furniture have partnered to offer custom designed upholstery. Our client had several functional needs that she wasn't finding in the retail sofa market. So, we created one based on everything she was looking for, from the dimensions, to the details and fabric choice. 

Custom seating is designed to fit you. Seat depth, arm height, length, and back height can all be modified. Maybe you are tall and need more leg room. Maybe you are shorter and tired of your feet dangling just above the floor. Maybe you have a view that you don't want to block with a piece of furniture. Maybe you want to create Frank Lloyd Wright's theory of a room within a room.  

Ask your local professional if custom seating is right for you. 

Post Banbury Art Crawl

The Banbury Art Crawl is a local Eau Claire art show. There is everyone from painters, potters, jewelry designers, woodworkers and fiber artists. The event this year was a full two days of positive, creative energy. Lorin Kinsel Furniture hit the ball out of the park again with the introduction of his new K-System and the Pirouette series tables. BEAUTIFUL!!! 


Design in progress... Part 2

Over the holiday season, I took some time off to work on home projects. I managed to finish roman shades for the living room (which you can see in the background), drapes for the dining room and re-upholstered the love seat. 

Actually, the love seat received a full face lift, including some reconstructive surgery. My partner (Lorin Kinsel) and I stripped off the old fabric, batting and foam. He rebuilt the frame to square off the corners and built a new base. (It used to have plain tapered legs.)  Along with the upholstery work, we redesigned and I fabricated new cushions, which the cats are very happy with. 

FYI, the beautiful end table is an original design from Lorin Kinsel Furniture. You can see more of his beautiful furniture at He is currently working on a new coffee table and another end table for the room. I love when he prototypes.



Design Inspiration comes from everywhere. Today, my inspiration is coming from the music I have playing in the studio (rap/hip-hop mix) and this beautiful dress design from Yohji Yamamoto from Tokyo. It feels like a study in art and form to me. I could see incorporating elements into a drape or top treatment. Sketches to think about. 


I was out looking for inspiration today and found this! I love the combination of fashion and home decor. The fabric is from Designer's Guild, one of my absolute favorite fabric houses. 

dress maniquin.jpg

Choosing Fabric and Trim

Choosing fabric and trim is a difficult process. It's almost always the most expensive part of a custom sewing project, whether it's drapery, valances, upholstery, or bedding.  Beyond aesthetics, there are many aspects of a fabric to consider. 

I would consider performance among the most important of those considerations. Is it the right fabric for the job? If it's a drapery project, how will the fabric drape? Does it need to provide insulation or privacy? What type of lining will you use? How will you clean them? If the project is upholstery, will the fabric hold up to children and pets? Will spills clean up easily? Will the fabric fray or pill? Is it better to upholster or slipcover?

Aesthetically, there is color, pattern, and texture to decide. Most custom window treatments are a long term commitment. You want them to look great now and have a timeless quality to them in 5 years, 10 years, 20 years. Everyone's taste changes. How often do you change paint color? Will the color and pattern look great with gray walls, blue walls or yellow walls?  

And everyone has a budget.

My advise... work with a professional. Make your appointment today. 



Design in progress...

There is always design in progress. This is my first launching of a website and this blog space. If I am confident of only one thing, it is that this space will change and evolve over time.

For today, my post is a design idea and color palette for a living room. So far, it has changed a dozen times. The fabrics are for an upholstered loveseat with decorative pillows and an, as of yet, undetermined window treatment. 

I'll keep you posted....