Choosing Fabric and Trim

Choosing fabric and trim is a difficult process. It's almost always the most expensive part of a custom sewing project, whether it's drapery, valances, upholstery, or bedding.  Beyond aesthetics, there are many aspects of a fabric to consider. 

I would consider performance among the most important of those considerations. Is it the right fabric for the job? If it's a drapery project, how will the fabric drape? Does it need to provide insulation or privacy? What type of lining will you use? How will you clean them? If the project is upholstery, will the fabric hold up to children and pets? Will spills clean up easily? Will the fabric fray or pill? Is it better to upholster or slipcover?

Aesthetically, there is color, pattern, and texture to decide. Most custom window treatments are a long term commitment. You want them to look great now and have a timeless quality to them in 5 years, 10 years, 20 years. Everyone's taste changes. How often do you change paint color? Will the color and pattern look great with gray walls, blue walls or yellow walls?  

And everyone has a budget.

My advise... work with a professional. Make your appointment today.